E-Z Guider: A Lighting System for Truck Trailers?

Backing up a big rig, especially in a dark space, can be a tricky business. But a new product out of Newark, New Jersey, would shine a light in the darkness. Eight lights, actually. It’s still in prototype form, but the E-Z Guider includes four remote-controlled, pivoting, swivel-mounted lights on each side of the trailer.

Truck Driver Backing Up

According to inventors Ida Manning and Clint Younger, “Professional drivers who generally move the bulk of our nation’s freight are superb drivers but can always use help when backing trailers down dark alleys, tunnels, garages and similar tight passages.

“The E-Z Guider illuminates these passages sufficiently to be seen easily in the rear-view mirrors and thus helps avoid errant steering of the trailer and inadvertent sideswiping collisions with walls, fences and/or other structures or objects. When not in use, the E-Z Guider lights are covered and protected.”

While cost could deter companies and individuals from adding E-Z Guider lighting systems, lower insurance premiums and reduced collision repair costs could compensate for the initial outlay.

Of course, reducing fatalities caused by trucks backing up with limited visibility would be a major benefit.

You can find out more at www.inventionpublicity.com.

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