GPS Devices Steering Truckers onto Roads Designed for Passenger-Vehicle Traffic

Remember the days of enormous road maps flopping and folding across your front seat? By now, those seem like days from a different lifetime.

Nowadays, GPS-equipped, on-board mapping devices guide us around every corner, directing us from our driveways to literally any destination in the world. Some devices provide detailed information that leads us away from construction projects and other traffic slowdowns, and even alternate routes to avoid crash-related traffic backups.

With such extensive high-tech devices at our fingertips, I suppose it’s natural for us to want more.

And for the benefit of truckers who are unfamiliar with New York’s unique road system, Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) wants more.

As more and more drivers have become reliant on GPS technology, truckers are being steered onto roads that were designed specifically for passenger-vehicle use. Schumer is calling for new regulations that would require Global Positioning Systems to include information that would prevent trucks from colliding with low overpasses throughout New York.

Out-of-town truckers unfamiliar with New York’s unique road system are doing what they always do, following the directions provided by their GPS. But the devices aren’t distinguishing between drivers of Honda Accords and drivers of Mack semi-tractors, and they’re leading high-standing trucks onto roads with overpasses that in some cases stand lower than 7 feet.

According to Schumer, there have been more than 200 such accidents annually in recent years, leading to millions of dollars in damage, and the state attributes many of those crashes to directions provided by GPS technology.

It seems an easy fix, given the capabilities of today’s high-tech devices. If GPS devices can alert drivers of a pothole project that should wrap up by week’s end, surely they can be equipped with information about overpasses that are permanent.

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