Truck Accidents News: electronic on-board recorders

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More News on the Trucking Industry’s Adoption of ELDs

I often hear trucking companies and truck drivers complain that electronic logging devices don’t leave room to accommodate real-life driving situations. When I hear comments like that, I interpret it to mean, “ELDs keep me from being able to fudge my log books.” Like it or not, ELDs are taking a foothold. Trucking industry studies …

Market Making Its Own Push for Standardizing EOBRs

While lawmakers and trucking industry officials continue to squabble over legislation that would mandate truck drivers’ use of electronic on-board recording devices, truck manufacturers are implementing advances in technology and taking matters into their own hands. Most recently, Volvo unveiled its plans to collaborate with two telematics providers to offer factory-installed fleet management systems on …

Bipartisan Bill to Require EOBRs in Trucks

What better way to reduce truck accidents than by strictly enforcing Hours of Service rules with electronic on-board recording devices (EOBRs)? This truck accident attorney is pleased by newly proposed bipartisan legislation that calls for universal installation of EOBRs in commercial motor vehicles. The Commercial Driver Compliance Improvement Act, reintroduced last week by Senators Mark …

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