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Speed Kills: Here’s the Trucking Safety Study with Proof

The results are in, and what many people have long suspected is confirmed. Limiting the top speeds of trucks greatly impacts safety on our highways, according to a recent federally sponsored study. According to the study, conducted by a group that includes the American Transportation Research Institute, devices that electronically limit the top speed at …

NHTSA to Call for Truck Stability Control Systems

I recently wrote about the National Transportation Safety Board’s call for tanker trucks to have rollover/stability systems to prevent truck accidents. Now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is readying a proposal that would require truck tractors to be equipped with stability control systems. In its proposal, slated for publication by year-end, NHTSA is expected …

Truck Crash Fatality Stats Released

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released statistics for large truck crashes in 2009 (the most recent year for which such numbers are available). Overall, 74,000 people were injured and 3,380 people were killed in crashes involving large trucks in 2009. One-quarter of those injured were truck drivers or truck passengers. Three-quarters of the …

IIHS Calls for Stronger Truck Underride Guard Standards

As a truck accident attorney, I deal with all kinds of senseless truck wrecks. I have handled cases in which drivers were killed and their cars went under a trailer even though they hit the underride guard. My book, Truck Accident Litigation, contains a chapter on underride cases. The underride guard is the metal structure …

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