18-Wheeler Crashes Into Wisconsin House, Startles Homeowner From Nap

Wisconsin crash into home
Courtesy: The Journal Sentinel Online

A Wisconsin man may not have a place to currently call home, but he is definitely lucky to be alive.

The man, whose identity has not been released, was recently enjoying a nap inside his house when he was awakened by a loud noise. According to fire officials on scene, a semi crashed into the man’s bedroom, knocking the house off of its foundation. Fortunately, the homeowner was not injured.

According to WXOX-TV, the semi was headed east on I-94 when it crossed through a ditch and smashed into the home, spilling about 60-65 gallons of diesel fuel into the soil.

Authorities say the driver of the semi was able to get out of the cab following the crash and was transported to a nearby hospital for minor injuries.

Because the crash caused extensive structural damage to the house, officials say it can no longer be occupied. The Red Cross has been kind enough to provide the homeowner with shelter and financial assistance.

Currently, The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and Wisconsin State Patrol are investigating the crash. The big question that remains is: What caused the semi to crash into the house to begin with? We can only speculate at this point.

Driving too fast for conditions, not fully paying attention to the roadways, a mechanical malfunction, etc.—these are all possibilities.

No matter what the actual cause may be, the incident has without a doubt impacted one man’s way of life at no fault of his own.

Similar cases have, in fact, ended up in civil court. In 2007, Frank Gasca, a retired Vietnam veteran was sitting on his front porch, when he told WOIA-TV a Schwan delivery truck crashed into his garage, causing a wall to collapse. The truck narrowly missed the war hero.

Even though Gasca escaped the crash without any injuries, he eventually filed a lawsuit against the truck driver, Samuel Ellis, claiming that he failed to put on the parking brake of his delivery truck which, in turn, caused the crash. The company and the driver were both sued for negligence.

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