Don’t Sign Accident-Scene Papers That Exonerate Truck Drivers

You feel a jolt as the grill of a tractor-trailer crashes into your rear bumper. You see highway signs whirl passed as your car spins across three lanes. You finally come to a stop after sliding sideways into the grassy median.

You were lucky.

The moments that immediately follow an accident are crucial ones, and they’re becoming even more critical with a trucking industry practice that’s becoming more and more common. If after getting hit by a commercial truck you are asked by a truck driver to sign an “exoneration card,” don’t.

Recent reports detail how more and more, truck drivers are feeding off people’s post-accident adrenaline rush. At the scene of an accident, a truck driver convinces a person to sign a card that absolves the trucker of any responsibility in the crash. It’s a tactic reminiscent of insurance adjustors visiting an injured driver in a hospital room to coax the person into agreeing to a low settlement.

And it’s every bit as reprehensible.

When in doubt following an accident with a truck, do not sign any papers that might exonerate the driver of negligence or liability – even if you feel you haven’t suffered an injury. Because while many people walk away from truck accidents unscathed, many wake up the next morning feeling effects that can last a lifetime.

Have you been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle? Were you approached about signing an exoneration card? For help, contact truck accident attorney Michael Leizerman at 419-243-1010.

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