Fatal Passenger Car-Milk Truck Accident in Lakeview, Michigan

I offer my condolences to the family of 73-year-old Donna Donaldson who died in yesterday’s truck accident in Lakeview, Michigan, yet another family who has suffered tragic loss due to a big rig wreck. The accident occurred yesterday (Tuesday, October 6) on M-91 in Lakeview, Michigan when Donaldson’s vehicle apparently entered the intersection and was struck on the driver’s side by a tanker truck hauling milk in a double trailer.

Witnesses state that Donaldson’s vehicle was dragged several hundred feet by the tanker truck, perhaps indicating excessive speed on the part of the big rig. While there is a traffic light at the intersection in question, Lakeview police are still working to determine which vehicle had the right of way prior to the crash.

I have experience handling this type of crash. In some cases, the truck driver will refuse to be held accountable and make excuses that it was the fault of the other vehicle, and while it is not clear which vehicle had the right of way upon entering the intersection. I have handled milk truck cases with Michigan milk trucks in the past. One peculiarity of milk trucks is that they are not permitted by federal statute to have baffles. Baffles help keep liquid from “sloshing,” which can make the truck jerk unexpectedly and handle precariously in emergency situations. Baffles are not permitted in order to help ensure the milk does not go bad. Milk trucks are especially dangerous because of this fact.

Professional truck drivers are trained to expect the unexpected. They are expected to be aware of all hazards and potential hazards on the road and to always have an “out” or escape route in mind. It is essential for motor carrier inspectors, police, and lawyers with accident reconstructionists to determine exactly what occurred.

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Truck Accident Summary
Day: Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Type of Accident: Fatality Truck Crash
Location: Lakeview, Michigan

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