High-Tech Gadgets Help Truckers Comply with HOS Regulations

Similar to how companies like Apple long ago put our music collections on our cell phones, other tech-based businesses have made huge strides in simplifying life for truck drivers and the carriers that monitor their driving patterns.

GPS technology has become a standard tool of the road for drivers everywhere, guiding people to points all around the world. More recently, electronic on-board recorders have made waves in the trucking industry for their ability to accurately log hours-of-service driven by truck drivers.

Now Arizona-based GPS Insight, maker of numerous GPS tracking devices, has merged those two technologies and will feature its newest product during a Jan. 17 webinar. The EOBR-1000 is being billed as a remedy to the log book headache suffered by truck drivers required to track their every move in order to comply with hours-of-service limits and regulations.

For smaller carriers seeking a more cost-effective solution, BigRoad and the National Association of Small Trucking Companies have partnered to create a smartphone app designed to track driver activity. Both tools are excellent examples of how technology is being used to make life for truck drivers easier and our highways safer.

The GPS Insight device, compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards, eliminates the need for drivers to manually log their daily driving performance, and automatically generates driver violation and driver availability reports.

Like many of the on-board recording devices that have been sold in recent years, the EOBR-1000 is likely to have supporters and, citing money matters, critics. But from a clerical standpoint, there is little doubt that electronic on-board recorders provide convenience and accuracy that make them preferable to traditional tracking methods.

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