Indiana Truck Accidents

The goal of the trucking industry is to transport as much freight as possible as fast as possible and in the least expensive way possible.  Sometimes doing it too quickly and too cheaply is dangerous, so most States have an agency dedicated to the trucking industry and keeping everybody safe.

There are very strict rules and regulations on both a State by State level, as well as on the federal level for the trucking industry.  The idea is to keep America’s roadways as safe as possible, and these regulations help to ensure that that happens.

The Indiana Motor Truck Association is the State’s voice for the trucking industry.  They work closely with government agencies and help lobby for new laws and regulations.  They also have a strong focus on safety and training those in the industry are best practices.

Quick State Transportation Facts:Indiana Truckers

All public roads: 93,608 miles
Interstate: 1,169 miles
Road bridges: 17,890
Automobiles registered: 3.2 million
Light trucks registered: 2.1 million
Heavy trucks registered: 58,000
Buses registered: 27,000
Motorcycles registered: 118,000

Being involved in an auto accident is scary enough, but what happens when you collide with an 18-wheeler carrying a full load of materials that weighs more than 10,000 pounds that is 20 times the size of your car? Statistics from the NHTSA show that in 2006 more than 106,000 people were injured in truck accidents, and of those people, three out of four of them were occupants of another vehicle.  That is a huge number and the reason The Indiana Motor Truck Association strives to educate not only drivers of big rigs but commuters as well.  Safety is paramount when you put these two vehicles on the road together.

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