Oklahoma Supreme Court Stands behind The Law Firm for Truck Safety’s Fight for Truck Case Transparency

Oklahoma City, OK – In a huge win for truck crash transparency, the Oklahoma Supreme Court sided with the Law Firm for Truck Safety and compelled disclosure of critical case and insurance documents. On Feb 8, in a 7-2 decision, the Oklahoma Supreme Court denied the Defendant’s attempts to bury vital case information by classifying it as a privileged work product.

Attorney Joe Ervin fought the Defendant’s improper withholding of these insurance documents and asked the courts to rule on the defendant’s claims of privilege. The trial court sided with The Law Firm for Truck Safety and truck accident attorney Joe Ervin. The defense appealed this issue all the way to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, whose ruling ended the defense’s attempt to hide these documents.

In trucking cases, full disclosure of truck accident information – including insurance coverage documents– is crucial to achieve justice and help families heal after their devastating loss. Corporations know that a catastrophic injury or wrongful death case often means they will have to pay out the maximum amount of their coverage. Because of this, these companies have a vested interest to hide or deny their insurance obligations because they do not want to pay what is owed to truck accident victims. Far too often, families who suffer catastrophic loss are shortchanged because they partner with an inexperienced attorney who takes the defense at their word. In catastrophic trucking cases, especially, it’s critical to have an experienced personal injury attorney fighting for you who knows how to obtain all necessary documents and information, so you can trust that justice is being pursued to its fullest extent and you’re receiving all that you’re owed.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court’s decision is a huge win not only for Joe Ervin and his client but for case transparency. Too often Defendants get away with unsupported objections and claims of privilege. The Law Firm for Truck Safety is proud to have Joe Ervin on the team. We’re proud to pursue justice for trucking victims. And we’re proud to have taken another step forward in the fight for truck crash transparency.

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