Samsung Looks To Make The Roadways Safer With Its “Invisible Truck”

Samsung truck
Courtesy: Samsung Argentina/YouTube

Every year there are hundreds of accidents involving big rigs. In 2013, there were more than 327,000 large truck crashes on U.S. roads. Of that number more than 3,500 of them involved one or more fatalities and more than 69,000 resulted in injuries.

A company, however, known for manufacturing cell phones and other cool gadgets wants to change that. Samsung Electronics officials say it is currently working on technology that would let people see through giant trucks on the road. Sounds like something straight out of Star Trek, doesn’t it?

You’re probably wondering, “How does this fancy technology actually make the highways safer for drivers?” According to CNN Money, if you’re stuck behind a large truck, you’ll have a clear, real-time view of oncoming traffic. You can also see any obstacles or traffic that might otherwise catch you off guard.

By making this technology available to the public, Samsung believes that it will reduce collisions on the roadways, in turn, making them safer, they say, for everyone.

These “transparent trucks” are made possible thanks to a front-mounted camera that captures a view of the road ahead of the truck. This new technology from Samsung then transmits a continuous view of the road in front of the truck to exterior monitors mounted on the rear of the truck.

As a result, drivers get a better view of the roadways in real time, allowing them to foresee obstacles or traffic nightmares that would otherwise catch them off guard.

While we would certainly welcome this new technology, don’t expect to see any “high-tech semis” on the road anytime soon. The project, unfortunately, is still in the early stages. Samsung has been doing some testing in Argentina. (A YouTube video on it can be found here.)

Almost everyone hour, at least one person dies in a car crash in that county. According to a Samsung post, that country was chosen because it has the fifth highest number of car accidents in the world.

While we along the rest of the world will have to wait for this new technology to officially hit the market, we eagerly await its arrival. Anything aimed at reducing traffic accidents and saving lives gets an ‘A+’ in our books.

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