The Law Firm for Truck Safety Secures Victory Against National Bread Company in Fatal Semi-Truck Crash Case

August 2021, Fargo, ND – The Law Firm for Truck Safety, LLP secured a trial victory for a North Dakota family, who tragically lost their children in a broadside crash on Highway 29 near Grand Forks.

In the spring of 2018, hazardous road conditions caused the driver of an SUV to suddenly lose control and come to a controlled stop in the roadway after hitting an ice patch. Despite seeing this take place, the driver for Pan-O-Gold bread company, who was driving behind the SUV, did not sufficiently slow his tractor-trailer to avoid a collision.

The truck broadsided the family’s SUV killing two of the child passengers, and severely injuring another child passenger and the driver.

The Law Firm for Truck Safety plaintiff attorneys, Andy Young, D.J. Young, and Amy Papuga, along with Nathan Severson (SW&L Attorneys) represented the children. Minnesota truck crash attorneys Pete Kestner, Mary Batcheller and Duane Lillehaug represented the SUV driver’s personal injury claim.

Despite initial investigation reports that seemed to relieve the Pan-O-Gold driver of liability, it was determined through an intensive discovery process that Pan-O-Gold and their driver were, in fact, negligent.

It was determined that Pan-O-Gold lacked a sufficient defensive driver training program; training that the truck driver conceded would have been beneficial in proactively preventing this crash.

The parties in this case ultimately settled for a near-record amount pending for cases like this in Fargo, ND.

“It is with great gratitude that I can say that our jury system can both right wrongs caused by others and bring peace to a family suffering the unimaginable,” said truck crash attorney Andy Young. “Our clients’ courage to pursue this matter through trial will certainly result in positive safety changes that will prevent future crashes and save lives.”

Looking at FARS data, in 2020 alone, 4,965 people were killed and 146,930 were injured in truck crashes. Driver education and public awareness play a large role in preventing these devastating tragedies from happening on US roads.

While things like federally mandated ELDT programs go a long way to help educate truck and commercial motor vehicle drivers, they do not go far enough. Vehicle safety technology, industry safety standards, monetary penalties meant to incentivize compliance, and public education about CMVs and how to safely share the roads with vehicles also play a role in reducing fatal and serious injury truck crashes to zero.

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