Trucking Industry Shouldn’t Compromise Traction for Fuel Savings

As a proponent of measures that lessen the trucking industry’s impact on the environment, I am in full support of programs such as SmartWay that continue to seek out ways to increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But those advances must be adopted wisely. We shouldn’t compromise something as important as public safety in an effort to improve our environmentally friendly business practices.

SmartWay is an Environmental Protection Agency program that takes aim at reducing transportation-related emissions by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency. It’s a noble endeavor, one that has pressed the trucking industry to operate more efficiently on a number of levels. The program’s push to get tire manufacturers to design tires that deliver more tread life and better fuel efficiency are worthy.

But the concerns of some trucking industry officials shouldn’t go unheard. Some have voiced concerns that new tire designs – while longer-lasting and more fuel-efficient – sacrifice traction, an obviously crucial tire quality that all parties should be cautious to forego in favor of any environmental benefit.

Tire manufacturers have many factors to consider when designing their products, and certainly durability and cost are among those factors.

Surely performance should rank at the top of that list.

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